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We ended up staying together most times, but there were a couple of times I wish I had ventured off alone to see some of the artists that I really wanted to see. The Merchandise and Artist Paraphernalia: Be prepared for your favorite hoodie to be sold out by the second day of the festival. Do : Get your items the first day of the festival Don't: Wait or procrastinate cause that 'Yonce hoodie will be gone..

The Exclusive Pool Parties: So, my daydreaming self was under the impression that I would mysteriously run into a celebrity and they would be so enthralled with my presence that they would invite me to all of their exclusive pool parties and such Don't judge me too hard, I had very high expectations for my first time at Coachella. It's ok, a "Kardashian" didn't find me, but there are there are plenty of pool parties ranging from free to exclusive.

I did RSVP to some parties We really did not have the time. I suppose we could have attended the parties in the morning before 2 pm when we needed to be at the festival, but it took us forever to get ready and recover from the night before. Going to pool parties is possible but can get overwhelming hectic when you do not have a car.

Are the hotel travel packages through Valley Music Travel overpriced?

Do: RSVP to the parties that provide the opportunity. Don't: Feel bad about not going to the pool parties. Especially if it is your first Coachella, you will be too busy and excited trying to see everything on the festival grounds. Famous people are for the VIP's : Or so it seemed. I packed my sharpie and autograph book only to be disappointed at the lack of celebrity sighting. I probably sound like a groupie. I am honestly not one to go up to any celebrity anyways, but I thought "hey, if we end up brushing shoulders I may just ask for a quick selfie".. It is too much for me to sit in the hot sun and "lookout" for celebrities.

It is never that serious. The festival area is way too big. Do: Get VIP if you want the possibility of running into any type of celebrity. Let them live their lives. Also, most of them will probably have an artist pass and I think that's a separate area altogether.

Coachella 2020 Travel Packages:

The Shuttle Pass and Hotel: God really blessed me to be able to stay in a nice hotel over Coachella weekend because I really could not see myself camping outside with bugs, dirt, and nature. The only thing I would advise making sure of when booking a hotel is the distance from the Empire Polo Club.

I assure you, the distance will matter to you at night when you are trying to get home. Despite the hotel distance, what really made a huge difference in our experience was purchasing the anytime any-line shuttle pass. Do: Book a hotel or travel package through Coachella! Travel packages come with both three-night stay and a shuttle pass.

The shuttle pass is SO worth it. Don't: Book a hotel too far out from the Polo Club. The Lockers: The festival provides lockers and they are absolute lifesavers. Although my fanny pack saved my life, the lockers came in a close second. Do: Get a locker if you plan to take a lot.

Coachella Valley Vacation Packages

Don't: Not get a locker if you plan to take a lot. Water Fountains: Water fountains were available! This was a lifesaver and saved a lot of money on my end. Do: Keep your hands free and bring your own water backpack. Don't: bring a water bottle unless you have something to put it in. Your hands will thank you. The plenty of photo opportunities: Bring a Camera!

According to the website cameras with interchangeable lenses were not permitted so I carried a small handheld one instead. Take every opportunity to snap some photos, but also make sure to enjoy the festival. I found it hard to do both. There were times that I just had my camera on, but I realized that I really just wanted to be in the moment. If you are wondering what I mean, take a look at the photos linked above. The Safety: Security is phenomenal and after the many attacks around the world, it frightened me to attend a festival as big as Coachella.

Coachella passes are sold out, sort of, and the internet weeps – Press Enterprise

However, I felt safe everywhere I went. The Outfits: The best part of my experience was shopping for my day outfits. Below are the outfits I decided to wear for the weekend. Honestly, Coachella felt like a whole different world. It was breathtaking, exciting, mesmerizing, fun, exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. I am so blessed that I had this experience. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I would definitely take advantage of it.

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After reminiscing as I write this article, I wish I could experience it all over again! Maybe someday when someone else pays for me 'cause I am still digging myself out of the debt it put me in. It was worth it though.. Below are some photos from the weekend! I tried my best to capture moments while also living in the moment. If you know what I mean. Have you been to Coachella? Please let me know of your Coachella experience in the comments below! Also, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about Travel packages, ticket purchasing and or anything else concerning Coachella.

I am not an expert, but I can try my best to answer your questions based on my experiences. My thoughts on Behind The Camera. Book Now.


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The Kid Cudi. Aphex Twin.

Kanye West. Lineup Fri 12 April Day Club Hilton Palm Springs. Heineken House. Sat 13 April Sun 14 April Fri 19 April Sat 20 April Sun 21 April FAQs How do I get to the festival? Are there age restrictions? This is an all ages festival. I booked a hotel package and my friend is arriving before me, could he get in the room before I arrive to receive the festival wristbands?

I booked a hotel package and my friend would like to get his festival wristband before I arrive to check-in. Could he check-in and leave my wristbands for me at will call?

How to get there?

From the Magazine News. Coachella Weekend One Highlights 15 Apr Watch: Coachella Livestream 12 Apr Coachella Beyond The Headliners 7 Feb Beach Outdoor Indoor City. Venues Beach Outdoor Indoor City. Popular Festivals.

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