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Even once worn for 24 hours ugh birthday drunk, sorry.

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Im glad this article was shared, and I hope they step up their game. In the end, I also need a product that truly works for me. Luna pads dont as they again, slip, move, make me feel insecure. Im actually so scared this negative thinking could hurt Thinx I want to go buy a few more now to make sure I have them in case they go under!

Sorry for your bad experience ladies. But, I need what works for me. Its been so hard to find a product for this that I am actually happy with.

And I dont really feel bad for the bloggers making panty bank either lol. Just more upset with Thinx way of handling things. I will, however write them that this does affect how I feel about them and it would be nice to see them clean up their practices. Maybe they wont care, but I always try to be upfront and let a company know if Im unhappy with something. And no, I dont work for them. Just trying to share another perspective. Alas, it is the era of Yelp and the frustration of CEOs everywhere.

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Error in free handouts B. Unsatisfactory response to your complaint. You could have posted this in addition to your critique of Thinx blogger referral program. You lightly touched on your actual experience with the product, which seemed to have worked well for you. While it is evident you feel cheated as a blogger and righteous in your condemnation of Thinx, please remember what you are reviewing. How long have women been mensturating? Since the dawn of time. The modern day pad was invented over a hundred years ago and the tampon shortly thereafter.

Period Panty Questions?

Majority of these companies are male owned and since it is not their experience to menstruate since their products are forever in demand, there is no need to change the model. Only recently have organic cotton tampons and pads been introduced, all which are modern day luxuries in comparison to the millions of women globally in third world countries who continue to use strategically cut cloths for menstruation. As an entrepreneur of several startup companies myself, there is no perfect startup and oftentimes mistakes made and feedback from the consumer are crucial to learn and grow a successful business.

Yes, your feedback is valued and appreciated. A simple Amazon search renders many competing liner underwear intended for menstruation use, but the reviews are poor. The ratio of Thinx users who say they bled through their underwear is small indeed.

I Tried Reusable Menstrual Underwear - THINX Period Panties (Wear Test & Review)

It IS a successful invention. They created a menstruation product that is sustainable, practical, comfortable, and virtually worry free. If their referral program got out of hand, that is only a testament to how needed their product is. Forgive Thinx for their mishandling of their program and support them. Expecting them to go out of business in order to uphold their end of the bargain on a referral program is nothing short of greed on your part.

We desperately need women owned companies producing desperately needed women based products. Thinx period underwear supported me after I gave birth to my son and was as all women do after birth literally hemorrhaging out of my vagina. Women are not allowed to wear tampons for postpartum bleeding. The alternative? Massive adult diapers and thick pads that extended from the top of pubis all the way back to the top of my butt crack. The times are changing. THINX is only revolutionary in their marketing and the vast amounts they spent to get to where they are which means they were able to also compensate the bloggers and promoters they used to get so popular.

They simply chose to change the program without notice and wipe the accounts clean. We choose to support period underwear brands with better ethics. THINX has made more news since this article that you should probably take the time to read since you support them. Another google will help. Thank you for writing this up. Your comments section is looking pretty awful. Why should they not be paid? Why should companies get to just not uphold the agreements made? Straight bullshit.

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I sincerely hope, instead of throwing the underwear away, you at least donated them. If you read this article and are thinking of throwing away your Thinx underwear, please look into donating it first. There will always be someone out there who is more than willing to accept what you would much rather do without. Generally, reputable places will not let you donate used underwear, and I can imagine that would be even more important for menstrual underwear, made to absorb blood, even if washed. Even goodwill will not accept underwear. The largest concern to myself and to other consumers is the efficacy of the product.

They did have excellent customer service, in my experience. But their products confuse me. I first tried the sporty pair in an XL… too wide in the hips and not enough coverage in the rear. They were advertised as something you could wear while working out, but they leaked in no time and rode up something fierce. I ended up with what can only be described as diaper rash.

I guess maybe their real purpose was to be sexy, not functional. So I asked about a return and they told me to keep them, and gave me credit to buy a new pair. I bought the hiphugger pair in one size smaller. But what bothers me more than that is their pandering advertising and obvious political agenda. But, even so this article reeks of entitlement.

30% Off THINX BTWN Period Panties for Girls on Amazon (Washable & Reusable)

Why would they expect the company to honor thousands of dollars in free product, it clearly was an oversight and poorly thought out system. Thank you for the great article. I appreciate seeing the company behind the product from the blogger perspective as well as reviews of the actual product. But when I started to read the small print, it said they were to be more of a back-up product.

Cuz you know women change underwear all the time when they are at work during their periods…not. Do they mean revolutionary as in women had this type of menstruation choices in the Revolutionary War?

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I dont want to sit in wet bloody underwear all day. I dont want the feeling or the smell, thank you very much.

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Needless to say, I passed on these back then. I was solely using tampons with the occasional pad until I found menstrual cups. I love love them. Especially Softcups. I do still have to wear a pantyliner on my heaviest days, but they work great for me. But I was reconsidering purchasing Thinx after seeing so many ads again. I am glad I stumbled on your article. I think a lot of the negativity is coming from people whose reading comprehension is lacking.

Negative Nancies…. If the company told bloggers that they would get a kick-back after referring a customer, then they should have honored that. Period hehe. Gotta pay for those ads somehow. Advertising aint cheap. It boils down to that they told you they were giving X for you giving them Y the new customer.

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