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Ended up another agent did, and showed me to turn it and not be in such a panic.

Carry-On Baggage

I was panicking. It was freaking me out. Lol Anyway…. My dimensions are 11 high x 15 long x 10 wide. Do you think I can get away with the extra 2 inches wide?

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I recently booked a round trip flight and found that a checked bag was cheaper than a carry on bag. Is this normal for Spirit? Is it worth the few extra bucks to go with carry on? The phone number goes through automated information that can be found online. There is no speaking to a live person about anything and I never got a response from filling out an inquiry on the Contact Us page.

Do we have any more info on Spirit allowing you to squish your personal item bag?

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Mine is 17x10x9. So smaller on 2 fronts but 1in more in one dimension. Probably not a cubic inches thing like the checked bags. First time flying with spirit. Could I get away with that? If you prepay for a bag, it is totally up to you whether you choose to take one or not. I have a small purse that I was planning to bring as my personal item. However, it is a cross-body purse and has very long straps. Will they use the length of those straps as part of the dimensions?

Thank you for your comment. We doubt the straps will count as part of the dimensions of your personal item, so you should be fine. I have paid to check three bags each way flying Spirit. Do you think we will be okay or do you think they will charge us extra? Technically, Spirit only allows a linear size of 62 inches and could charge extra for the bag if they decided to measure it and found it in excess of this. When flying with Spirit, if you choose to carry on a bag. Is it a one time cost or is it at layovers and returns?

First time flyer!

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  • If you choose to pay for a carry on bag, you will need to pay per trip — so, there will be one fee for the outward journey, and one for the return. As mentioned, Spirit allows travelers to bring one personal item on board for free check out the article for the maximum dimensions this item can be. We always recommend double checking with the airline themselves to be sure.

    We hope this helps — have a great day! Does the height requirement for checked bags 62 inches include the height of the extended pull handle. It feels like a silly question, but I would rather know now than later and be charged for it! Thank you in advance. The height restrictions usually take into account the height of your bag when the handle is not extended. Spirit airlines sucks.

    Spirit takes advantage of customers. They change there policy without notification and then charge you a ridiculous amount to take your belongings with you. Usually picking someone up at the airport an hour late is not unusual for spirit. Also if they cancel your flight your on your own they offer no motel vouchers no alternative flight as they have no sister airline to accommodate. You are able to check luggage at the airport with Spirit and this does include your carry on bag. However, if you wish to check in your luggage then it will be subject to the charges associated with checked baggage, which are significantly higher at the airport than online before traveling.

    Be sure to double check with Spirit, as they will be able to give you a definite answer to your query. Do I have to pay to carry my purse on the plane? Is that considered a person item in which I have to pay for?

    The Low Down On Spirit Airlines’ Baggage Policies

    As mentioned, Spirit allows one personal item on board free of charge — this must not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches. Can 23x14x7 be taken onboard as carry on? Spirit can be pretty strict with their carry on allowance, and the maximum height is stated as a maximum — so technically, we would say no. What if a bag is overweight and oversized. Do I get charged both fees? Does it have to be a bag, can it be a box? Spirit lists individual fees for overweight and oversized baggage, therefore it is possible that you would be charged both fees — however, we would recommend checking with Spirit to be sure.

    Many travelers have checked a box when flying instead of a bag, however again, we would recommend checking with Spirit to confirm this will be possible. Hi I know the personal luggage is a certain size but can I take that and also a small purse to keep on the seat with me? The airline website lists a purse as a personal item, therefore taking a small purse on board may well count as your total allocated free allowance.

    However, we would recommend double checking with Spirit to be sure. We hope this helps! Customers may pack reels or fragile tackle that do not pose a security threat in their carry-on baggage. The deal is good for Tuesday and Wednesday travel from Jan.

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    Travelers must use the code 75PCT all caps, no spaces in the promotion code box on the home page to get the deal. The coupon has several limitations that travelers need to look out for. Blackout dates are Feb.

    Baggage charges and other fees still apply, too. The airline also shaves 10 pounds off the maximum compared to what you get for free with two bags on Southwest or what you pay for on the legacy airlines—the maximum luggage weight allowance on Spirit is just 40 pounds. After that you pay overweight charges that almost double the price. The way the Spirit Air baggage policy works, your one-way bag fee could cost more than the actual suitcase did when you bought it.

    This might get you screened on the way in and out by the TSA, and will add a few extra hours when leaving Colombia, but it could be done. But hey, you can always buy a new outfit locally for less than all those Spirit baggage fees. You might even be able to fit in some flip-flops or flats.

    Companies like Osprey, North Face, and Sea to Summit make duffle bags that fit in a tiny pouch , so you can carry something larger after uncompressing your clothes. In theory you could even use something like Space Bags to cram in more by sucking out all the air. You can strip some of those layers off after take-off. Then there are those photography vests the French are so fond of wearing that hold all kinds of stuff in multiple pockets. On a long domestic flight, you would likely come out ahead by shipping your belongings in a Priority Mail flat rate box or by UPS.

    Legacy airlines have earned a bundle of pure profit from passenger baggage fees, but Southwest keeps thrashing these airlines in every market where it competes, with lower fares and no fees for bags. They win hands down in customer satisfaction surveys. What do you think? Or will it need to be almost free before you go on their planes?

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