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The appeal is a set of primary controls, aperture, shutter speed and EV comp, that are intuitive and easy to access and don't mysteriously change with the camera mode. Compared to any other CSC camera it's very simple to understand, even without using the menus, and a perfect starter camera for anyone wanting to learn photography.

It is a mystery to me and a curse that CSC manufacturers all seem hell bent on reinventing the wheel when it comes to the controls on each new camera. None of them have improved in any measurable way over the basic, simple 's format. But it's the optics that appeal more than anything else. With a few exceptions, I am unimpressed with the offerings on most other CSC devices, and very impressed with the optics that Fuji have produced, not least my current favourite, the 14mm F2.

I used to say that too, until I had a stroke. Posted by: misha marinsky Monday, 03 June at PM. I've always disliked maybe because of newspaper training where almost always had to be cropped and always thought no-crop was nonsense maybe because of newspaper training where almost everything was cropped to fit between two other things. This is exactly the way I use mine, Jim. Decoupling AF from the shutter button is the first maneuver I search for on new cameras.

Fuji X-E1 Digital Camera Body - Black

Side note: the inability to do this on the otherwise lovely Oly OMD bugs me to no end. I can appreciate your comment on the rugged build of old Canons. I have an old Canon F1 and an early M3; It is as if both are carved out of solid metal billets Amazing and equal feel of quality. Great review, the kind that makes you want to go out and buy- but I will fight off the urge; I went with the NEX7. Retro styling notwithstanding, the NEX offers all of the flexibility of the Fujis and the 1.

I also use the old 1. For a lens that receives no real accolades, the summarit seems kind of magical when attached to the NEX. If you don't already own one, consider buying one. They are pretty cheap.

Why not a Fuji X-E1 | Photography Chat Forum | Photography Forum

I am curious to see what it renders when attached to one of the Fuji X models. I rented an XE-1 for a few days to try it out, and quite liked it, though in the end the EVF just didn't do it for me. Not high resolution enough, too little dynamic range, and too laggy. Unfortunately I didn't like the lack of accuracy in the X-Pro1 OVF, and that camera is bigger enough to make a difference for casual portability. The lenses are optically very good, but I was a bit disappointed with their build quality. Compared to the Limited primes on my Pentax, which are all aluminum, the Fuji lenses felt more plasticky, the aperture and focus rings lacked feel, and weren't any lighter weight for it based on an in-hand comparison.

I ended up getting an Xs, which I'm excitedly waiting for from my local shop, hopefully here this week Yes, it's more vivid, but it does a very sloppy job, simply crushing the blacks to get more contrast instead of doing it well, as do Canon and Nikon.

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I actually like the Velvia setting on the Fuji. I feel so much better knowing he doesn't. Some reviews show images where the images are so desaturated they look totally unreal :. Jim's book on Eugene Smith is my favorite work on photography!

Fujifilm X-E1 Hands-on Review

This post is equally wonderful, especially owing to the subject, which is currently my favorite digital camera system. I can't wait for part 2! David, I understand your point: "most of the positives given are simply because they conform more closely to what you are used to". I have a XE-1 and I tried to understand if that is the case. And my answer is no, really this layout of controls aperture ring, shutter speed dial is really great ergonomically.

If the exposure compensation dial would not be too easy to turn, It would be perfect. Suprised to read your comment that the OMD can't be set up to decouple the AF from the shutter button, as I also look to decouple auto focus from the shutter button as soon as I get a new camera and I have used my OMD that way exclusively since the first day. Set the camera to S AF mode.

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  • Untoggle the AF when you move on to a new subject or change your shooting position and refocus. Re: "Wherever I go, there I am. Very helpful and greatly enhanced my experience with that camera. Thank you, thank you! It can be done!

    Posted by: ginsbu Tuesday, 04 June at PM. Ah, thanks for the OMD instructions I thought there was a way to do it. Now if only there was a proper big button on the back for AEL that my thumb could hit not that little recessed that forces me to angle in with a nail. And getting back to the topic, thanks for the review, Jim, I found it enjoyable.

    Options for the Fuji X-E1

    Our one real camera shop in town has a beautiful new display case Fuji supplied loaded with the Fuji bodies and some lenses, and I ogle them frequently. The necessity, or absence thereof, of turning optical stabilization off when using a tripod is highly implementation-dependent. Full article on my Vr test here and nearby on my website. David Anderson writes: "you can leave the 'Shoot Without Lens' turned on all the time.

    That's what I get for believing the manual. As for image stabilization, I will continue to keep it turned off. My year-old hands are already as steady as a tripod! But again, thanks. I hadn't yet, but had high hopes. Now that he asked, I just went outside, shot a few frames in the garden and learned more than I wanted to know. To use one of Ctein's favorite words, the edges appeared "smeared," not surprising since the rear element almost touches the sensor. I will do a more thorough test when time allows, but it doesn't look hopeful.

    Meet the Fujifilm X-E1, the brand's second-gen retro-styled compact system camera

    Mark wrote: "A word of warning: During the early learning stages, I spent a good deal of time cursing at the camera and my flash remotes while trying to setup a shot. It doesn't apply to me, however, since the only time in the last 35 years I have used flash was to photograph a dead sump pump deep in a watery black hole in my basement so that the hardware store could sell me a proper replacement! BH asked, regarding my bright-frame accessory finder: "Since all the MF lenses have focusing scales designed for 35mm cameras, how does one know what's in focus when shooting on a crop sensor digital camera?

    Think of it this way: what's appears in focus on an 11x14 print will still be in focus if you crop that print down to 8x You could, however, achieve greater relative DOF on a camera with an APS-C sensor than you would with a so-called full-frame digital simply because the lenses used on the former would be shorter.

    For example, your "normal" lens for the smaller sensor would be a 35mm while for FF it would be a 50mm. Does that help clear the muddy water, or make it murkier?

    Fujifilm X-E1 review

    Harry noted: "I prefer the 35mm [film] equivalent of depth of field as well as focal length, so opted for a Leica M9 once I'd sold most of my old gear, my kidneys, and given up on my dream of a campervan. I'm retired, and I quite enjoy not having to take the subway to work. A Main-ah! I'm in Rockland! I love love love my x-e1 with the and my I also shoot it with my legacy Minolta Rokkor lenses as well.

    I find myself shooting less and less with my D and d I'm looking forward to the new hopefully to be available before an upcoming stock shooting trip to NS. Best, J. Posted by: Jorge M. Wednesday, 05 June at AM.

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